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  1. How to recognize kidney yin deficiency?
2. At what point of the tongue is the kidney - area?
3. How does the tongue look like in kidney yin - deficiency?
4. What is the pulse of kidney yin deficiency?
5. What points are treated for kidney yin deficiency?
6. Where are the points located?
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1.How to recognize kidney yin deficiency?
   · Not enough marks for the brain, dizziness, tinnitus, forgetfulness
   · Not enough nutrition for bone: back and bone pain
   · Not enough body fluids: dry mouth, constipation, scanty, dark yellow urine
   · Not enough defensive qi (retreats inward): night sweats (evaporation by Empty Heat)

If Empty-Fire already "flames up":
Red cheeks, restless, dark, scanty urine, afternoon fever, insomnia

2. At what point of the tongue is the kidney - area?
On the base of the tongue-area back, just like the bladder area or the small intestine or colon

3. How is the tongue in kidney yin - deficiency?
red (due to heat), without coating, cracks. (Chao: mouth hot, tongue dry, thirsty), often as with heart yin deficiency ther is a deep crack in the center up to the tip of the tongue

4. How is the pulse in kidney yin deficiency?
   Empty =
   weak, soft, large
   powerless with slight pressure
   gradually disappears with moderate pressure

5. What points are treated for kidney yin deficiency?
The points K3, K6 K9, K10 strengthen all kidney yin, CV4 (without moxa) strengthens essence (moxa with yang deficiency)

K3 at any kidney deficiency goes directly into primordial qi
K6 calms spirit, cools blood in Yin deficiency or yang excess (eyes, throat), anxiety
K9 with nervousness, emotional stress, tension, nervousness, anxious
K10 is a kidney Yin invigorating point

CV4 strengthens kidneys, lowers the Yang
Sp6 important in any strengthening of the Yin (not during pregnancy)

If Empty-Fire already "flames up": K2 (eliminates heat), H5 (calms)
Lu7 (strengthens defense qi, eliminates heat from head, lowers lung qi, opens fluid pathways)

6. Where are the points located?
(Press the points slightly yourself / to each other or highlight the points on a home-made note / a model)

Detailed descriptions and illustrations you find above menu "Points"

The figures represent sting depth in mm, M = moxibustion possible.

Please scan or draw:

K3 Beginning brook taixi
Between the medial malleolus and Achilles tendon in mid deepening, 3-pointer clock direction (5-10) M

K6 The sea of illumination zhaohai
Just below the medial malleolus in depression (3-10) M

K9 construction of the dike zhubin
5 cun over N3, 3 cun above K7 (5-20) M

K10 valley of Yin Yingu
Close behind knee column, inside, below, in front tendon (just below Li8) (5-20), M

KG4 The first pass of the gates guanyuan
4 fingers below the navel (5-20) M

Sp6 The connection of the three Yin Sanyinjiao
3 cun (4 fingerbreadths) over the inner ankle, just behind the tibia (5-6) M

K2 dragon source rangu, longquan
Foot inside, just below middle bone in a deepening (1 cun beside Sp4) (3 - 8) M

H5 The connecting hamlet tongli
1 Daumenbreit vor der inneren Handgelenksfalte, über der unteren tastbaren Sehne (5-10) M

Lu7 Missing order lieque
Cross both thumbs, put the tip of the index finger on the arm, pointing to Lu7 (3-10) M (3-10) M