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The meanings of the points
  Can you list at least one to three of the most important features of each point? Zu den Mustern    Weiter

K3 lower back, knees, rheumatism, urinary retention, menstrual disorders, sexual power, head pressure, convulsions strengthening essence (original qi), marrow, bone, at any kidney weakness, Qi goes from the head to feet, Yuan Point

K6 Improves menstrual disorders, skin, body weight, uterus, walking difficulties, narrow neck, thyroid, ankle swelling, opens chest, moisturizes, nourishes, in skin diseases with blood-heat, balances yin / yang in the whole body

K4 balances between kidney and bladder, in exaggerated fears, anxiety, exhaustion

K7 Improves low blood pressure, helps with dizziness, back cold, lumbago, cramping, abdominal colic, frequent urination, tonifies, inhibits / promotes sweat, eliminates dampness, regulates fluids, lacking will-power, fears

K9 feeling jittery, emotional stress, overstimulation, nervousness calms spirit, opens and relaxes the chest, strengthens kidney and liver, discharges from poison / neutralizes it K10 strengthens kidney yin, eliminates damp heat, urinary retention, menstrual complaints, outflow, increased menstrual period, knee complaints

K1 faint, insomnia, toothache, poor circulation in the legs, headache, anxiety, weakness, frees sense openings, sedates, soothes, strengthens

B23 Bladder agreement point,
GV4 fire point of the kidney (kidney / heart connection)
G25 alarm point of the kidney, improves the diagnosis, strengthens kidney