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Combined Patterns
  1. Kidney and liver yin deficiency
2. Kidney and heart do not harmonize
3. Kidney and lung yin deficiency
4. Kidney and spleen yang deficiency
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Kidney and heart is not in harmony:
For heart: H5, H6, H7, B15, CV15, G13, GV24, for kidney: K3, K9, K10, CV4, Pe6 (emotional point), Sp6 (strengthens Yin), extra point Yintang (calms) Palpitations restless, forgetful, dizziness, tinnitus, hearing loss, back pain, fever, sensation of heat in the afternoon, night sweats, scanty, dark urine, red tongue, without coating, median groove to tip, pulse superficial, empty, fast.

Kidney and lung yin deficiency:
For lung: Lu 7, Lu9, B43, Lu1, for kidney: K6, K6, CV4, Sp6 (strengthens Yin) Respiratory: Dry cough, dry mouth, thin body, exertional dyspnea, kidney: Low back pain, weak limbs, Nachmittagsfie-ber or flushing, night sweats, hot palms or soles, tongue red, without coating, two transverse cracks in the lung area, pulse superficial, empty

Kidney and Spleen Yang Deficiency:
For spleen:
M36, B20, B21, for diarrhea: CV6 (important point in chronic diarrhea), M37, M25 (closed diarrhea), B25 (approval point for colon),
For kidney:
K3, K7 (kidney yang), B23 , GV4
Weakness, listlessness, phlegm in throat, shortness of breath, aversion to speaking, wants to lie down, abdominal tension, poor appetite, aversion to cold, cold extremities, clear flow of urine, chronic diarrhea, abdominal edema, cold feeling in the back, borborygmi, watery diarrhea, tongue pale, swollen, deep pulse, weak, slow